Monday, 4 November 2013

MPM: 4th November 2013

Happy Monday everyone!

There is something of a dearth of actual cooking in the meal plan this week owing to a couple of cultural interludes, a takeaway craving and a visit from my in laws. Still, I am trying to get back into the habit of a meal planning post so will write it up, such as it is.

We had an amazing meal at Purnell’s last week which I can’t wait to share with you so will try and get that done this week – aside from anything else, indulgence in a very interesting wine flight has insured that a couple more brain cells have gone west so if I leave it too long you won’t get much beyond “Yum”. Which, to be fair, is a reasonable summary in the absence of any other.

Meanwhile, this week –

Monday: We had a roast chicken dinner last night so we will be having roast chicken and stuffing wraps this evening with spiced wedges and salad.

Tuesday: Cultural interlude #1 – no, not fireworks but an NT Live showing of Danny Boyle’s “Frankenstein”. Sadly the cinema is located in something of a cultural desert so we may end up at Nando’s beforehand. (Keep it quiet but I quite like Nando’s….)

Wednesday: D out, me – currently craving poached egg on toast. As it is post WI there may be something indulgent for afters.

Thursday: Cultural interlude #2 – Alan Bennett’s “People” at the Leeds Grand. Likelihood of rushed pre-theatre beans on toast: high.

Friday: Himself is craving a proper fish and chip supper and, after denying him last week I cannot in all conscience do so again. I will be eschewing all but a handful of chips and weighing the fish in an attempt to stay on track.

Saturday: Finally some cooking! I bought D a copy of “The Silver Spoon” for his birthday which is a compendium of classic Italian cookery. Tonight he is planning to whip up a Risotto Milanese – we’ve already purchased the bone marrow which is quivering away pinkly in the fridge. Possible some nice antipasti beforehand.

Sunday: Unknown as yet but out somewhere with FIL and SIL.

Head over to Mrs M’s for more meal planning fun.


  1. Do you know, I have never been to a Nandos?! I LOVE a wine flight though - I do not know why they are not more popular here. The bone marrow is making me feel queasy though so I'll log off....


    PS Made membrillo at the weekend and my inaugral parkin which I'm not at all sure will be a success

    1. I am sure your Parkin will be fabulous - it's not a pretty bake but seriously scrummy. Oooh, I have a yen now...

      Don't blame you re bone marrow - it's vile looking stuff. Am sure it will taste good...

  2. Sounds like you have a great week planned x

  3. Is membrillo made using quince?? If so, I have quince and know what I'm going to be doing with it!!

    Sorry, Seren. Sounds like you have a fun week coming up. Enjoy it.

    I'll let you know how 5:2 gets on but you seem to be doing well on WW and if it aint broke, dont fix it!!

    Lesley xx

    1. Yes, quince paste! Fabulous with cheese - I am v jealous of all quince related shenanigans since I have no idea where on earth I would get a quince round these 'ere parts...

    2. I was very impressed that I managed to get some in a farm shop - and then they had them in Waitrose!

      Lesley - will email you a recipe. Do NOT attempt any recipe that says don't bother peeling and coring but instead push it all through a sieve: my arm still aches from this.