Monday, 18 November 2013

MPM: 18th November 2013

This weekend reminded me of why I love Weight Watchers and also why it can be a right royal pain in the behind. The positives first: three very delicious dinners (moules frites, spaghetti carbonara, oxtail and chorizo stew with mash) consumed comfortably within points demonstrates that with planning and forethought you can pretty much have your cake (or your pasta or your frites) and eat it and lose weight. BUT, tramping round Liverpool town centre on a Saturday afternoon, dodging vast swathes of teenagers out to spend their pocket money and getting increasingly grumpy from low blood sugar, I had to concede that it does not allow for an awful lot of spontaneity, especially if you choose to “spend” large quantities of points on evening meals. I was so disgusted that I ate a Malteser reindeer (4 pro points - very nice indeed) and sulked a little bit.

I’m not giving up or conceding, and I recognise that, given my issues with weight I will probably have to count points for the rest of my life and for the most part I have made my peace with that. It really doesn’t take that much effort. But I do sometimes wish that I had the naturally inbuilt sense of balance of the naturally slim person (not to mention the twenty six inch waist and neat buttocks).

Ah well, onto this week. Friday and Saturday are taken up with (gasp!) socialising. There will be food and drink consumed. There may be a sore head along the way. Sunday is likely to be spend eating dust. The rest of the week will be spent on slightly less punitive damage control. And the meal plan goes something like this:

Butternut squash and tarragon soup

Chicken and mushroom pasta bake

Fish cake in a
bun(toasted sandwich thin) with salad (D’s regular night out)

Pork loin steaks with cauliflower cheese

As always, more meal planning fun over at Mrs M’s.


  1. It all sounds lovely. I too struggle with my weight and wish I had the will power and balance of a thin person. Good luck with it xx

  2. WHAT is a sandwich thin?

    I love cauliflower cheese and that pasta bake sounds amazing. We had carbonara for supper on Saturday too! P makes a really mean one.


    1. A sandwich thin is like a very, very thin bread roll. It sounds absolutely pointless, and indeed probably is, but I quite like them for quick and low point sandwiches:

      I imagine that they were initially developed for people trying to cut down on carbs. But the bread itself is surprisingly robust, especially if lightly toasted, so it works as a lower point / cal / carb alternative for, say a burger bun.

      I love cauliflower cheese too - have had such a craving recently. And carbonara - the proper sort with NO CREAM is food of the gods, it really is. I think I would eat it every week, quite happily.