Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Weigh in Wednesday: 27th November 2013

Weeks 1-8: -20lbs
This week: -2lbs
Total loss: 22lbs

It feels not a little ironic to be writing a post about more success having just polished off a bag of Doritos.  I have developed the slightly dubious habit of not eating very much on weigh in day to ensure I'm light for the scales (although I suspect not eating after noon for a six pm weigh in is a bit like taking off your glasses - ultimately makes practically no difference).  The upshot is that I always get to Wednesday evening with a luxurious amount of points to spend in the Sainsbury's Local round the corner, where I stand in front of the confectionary aisle wide eyed with wonder.

Anyhoo, another good result this week.  I suspect, although I haven't been back through the archives to check, that this is the most sustained amount of success, both at tracking and physically losing, since WWF records began.  Which is tremendous.  I think, for me, feeling emotionally very stable and happy at the moment - partly down to circumstances and partly down to the tremendous benefits I've derived from the CBT sessions I've been having - is playing a huge part.  I feel more peaceful and together than I have....well, perhaps ever.  Peaceful and together not being words that immediately spring to the minds of my nearest and dearest when they think of me.  I want to think some more about that and maybe write about it in the near future.

Challenges ahead this weekend on the WW front, but good times on the family one, so I shall await next week's result with...interest.

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