Monday, 11 November 2013

MPM: 11th November 2013

I was sitting writing up the plan (in my special meal plan fridge notebook, natch) yesterday morning when caught D looking at me with an amused twinkle. "You do realise," said he, "That the people who read your blog will probably fall over at the sight of a meal plan which actually involves cooking."

So, dearest readers, you have been duly warned. This week's meal plan is brought to you by the very heat of my oven and sweat of my brow (which, owing to an unfortunate medication side effect, can be very sweaty indeed.)

It's a quiet week this week, although some excitement tomorrow when we have two new Ikea units delivered and the recipe books currently piled up on the floor can be stacked on an actual shelf. And amidst all the nest building, we will mostly be eating:

Pasta pesto with courgette ribbons and peas

Spinach and red lentil Dahl with roast chicken, basmatic rice and naan

Moules frites

Spaghetti Carbonara

Oxtail slow cooked with Rioja and chorizo, mashed potatoes, broad beans tossed in garlic butter.

Look at that - almost worthy of a food blog! Head over to Mrs M's for more meal planning fun.


  1. Ohh yum!! Everything sounds great especially the oxtail x

  2. I'll be giving the oxtail a go! your menu sounds really tasty

    1. It really is a yummy recipe and worth a bit of faff. I'm looking forward to it already and it is only Wednesday morning!