Tuesday, 29 October 2013

In which I try to motivate my future self

I was pondering the other week whether or not I should write a post for Future Me to read when (as inevitably happen) it all goes off the boil, the numbers on the scales start going in the wrong direction and I come on here and go something along the lines of: “It’s so HARD, why is it so HARD, I am going to eat nothing but DUST forever and still look like a TELETUBBIE.”

Because (as I think I commented on someone else’s blog the other day – and if it was yours I hope I didn’t sound like too much of a smug bitch because I promise you most heartily, that was not the intention) when it’s going well, it’s easy. I would assume this applies to any sort of eating plan, albeit for different reasons. For me, when I’m following WW properly – by which I mean when I’m actually being organised enough to plan and cook, I find I can eat well for my alloted points; my fruit and veg intake naturally rises which means I feel healthier overall and I’m lucky enough that my body tends to respond reasonably well and not cling on to the flab too desperately (and gosh I hope that sentence doesn’t come back to bite me in the arse!) My mood improves, my anxiety symptoms decline and even my dark circles look slightly less impressively bruise coloured. I don’t tend to feel deprived; my appetite naturally decreases and I derive greater pleasure from the treats that I do allow myself to have - so why, why, why would I ever do anything else?

Is it the planning and the tracking that becomes too arduous? Actually, I find planning and putting thought into my food means I eat a far greater variety of yummier dishes – look back on posts from a few months ago and I was generally subsisting on sandwiches and toast. Last night, I had a salmon fillet, smeared in mustard and wrapped in bacon with garlicky roasted potatoes and tenderstem broccoli. And I track on my iPhone which is always to hand do I don’t even have to flail around for a pen.

Future Me, for goodness sake, you have every single tool you need, every single motivation in the world and it’s NOT EVEN THAT HARD. Put DOWN the pizza slice and the gin bottle and remind yourself, in the words of La Cole that you are, indeed, worth it.


  1. I think it was my blog you left the comment on - and don't worry you didn't sound smug!

    You're right though, when it's working and you are in the zone - it IS easy. It's just making those bits come together.

    I also love meal planning and coming up with new recipes to try and right now my freezer is groaning with soups, chilli, lamb tagine, chicken casserole - love it!

    However, when I am busy and unmotivated - finding the time to plan, shop and make the effort to step away from the quicker (usually unhealthier) food is a huge hurdle. And when I'm not getting results it's all to easy to give into temptation. "I'm not losing weight while staying on track so I might as well indludge!". x

  2. God - I'm just exactly the same too - I can never understand how it's so ridiculously easy when I'm in the zone, and seemingly impossible when I'm drifting. Pah! However, you're off to a cracking (re)start, so I say make hay while the sun shines! :-) And on that note, I'm not feeling particularly motivated to get my ass down the gym today, but I will, and get something decent to eat for tea on the way home :-) Yay - go all of us! x