Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Weigh in Wednesday: 13th November 2013

Weeks 1-6: -14.5lbs
This week: -3lbs
Total loss: -17.5lbs

And this just in - Friday night fish and chips conducive to weight loss!

Early weigh in for me today and it may well be that I am slightly lighter at 7:45 am than I am at 6 pm but I'll take that on the chin next week and for now will just enjoy my result.

I had a slight wobble on Sunday evening - more of a minor tantrum really. I'm not sure why, for the most part I have been eating well and feeling happy and certainly not deprived. It passed fairly quickly with a dose of Studio Ghibli but I need to keep an eye on it - I do not want to risk a major blip between now and Christmas.


  1. Flippin hell, woman! That's amazing! Well done you. How d you feel? Are you starting to notice changes? x

  2. That's fantastic! Well done you! I love Studio Ghibli! Have you seen the new one yet?

    1. Oooooh no! I must look out for that!

    2. It came our on DVD a month or so ago, it's called Up On Poppy Hill or something similar. Really sweet!

  3. Wow - well done you!! Not just a stonking start a couple of weeks ago but consistent losses since then ... I'm green with envy!! Really, really well done! x

  4. What a roll you're on and managing to enjoy life too. Parnells sounds gorgeous even if it was a bit *eeeep*!!

    Keep up the good work and I'll join you eventually! L xx

  5. You're doing so well - I'm in awe and admiration.

    It almost makes me want to try WW again. Almost.