Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A little stumble (but not a full on fall)

So, as you may remember, last Monday, in a fit of something in between enthusiasm and smugness, I told you all about how I had dragged myself out of bed in order to swim at the ungodly hour of six thirty. As Lesley quite rightly pointed out, this is probably not deserving of too much kudos until it has become a regular occurrence. Well, I am pleased to say that I repeated the same feat on Thursday morning too. Early exercising is not set to become a regular fixture in our routine but we have both agreed that in order to hit the requisite (although required by whom I don’t know) number of workouts per week, they may sometimes be necessary and I’m proud that I proved I can do it…even if I don’t much like it.

As it is, the last few days have been a bit pear shaped and yet I still managed a half pound loss yesterday morning – I like to think that Karma gave me a little reward for fighting against every instinct of my inherently lazy nature not once but twice.

Back to this latest slip up, and it’s the same old chestnut with me; stress = poor choices. I had to travel to London for a job interview last Thursday and despite the fact that I had planned out my strategy with regards food and drink I still faltered, especially when the interview didn’t go as well as I had hoped. And then, having faltered, I didn’t pull myself up straightaway; I sulked on Saturday afternoon, refusing to go to the gym and having a nap instead, and then wasn’t as stringent as I could have been on Sunday (although it turns out fish finger sandwiches are not so pointy as you might expect). Little things but….meh. I hate the fact that I’m such a Pavlov’s dog about it all. I read the blog posts that I write when everything is going well and that person sounds so happy and sorted and healthy – in fact, that person is so happy and sorted and healthy, and yet the sulky, sleepy, cheese-on-toast eating, gym spurning alter ego is still around and closer to the surface than I would like.

Still, for all that, the scales continue to creep downwards – I’ve lost 12 pounds since the turn of the year and I’m going to go all guns blazing for a decent loss this week that will take me up to the 1 stone mark. Onwards!


  1. Well, you've got over the big hump by going twice!! Well done - kudos a'plenty coming your way...

    As to stressed out eating, hmmm it happens to us all. It is your chimp I think, fearful of not measuring up to the crowd pressing your buttons and driving you to what SHE thinks of as security - namely food.

    Nothing to do with YOU. If you recognise what is happening then you can try a few techniques to stop the eating - laughing at yourself (your chimp) for being so silly; distracting yourself with something else (a trip a walk, a job); telling OH that you're not going to eat (chimp won't want to lose face).

    I know that all sounds v silly but it's surprising what is going on in our heads.

    Well done again on the swimming and the increased exercise.

    Lesley xx

  2. 12lbs is amazing! And enviable from my measly 2lb corner...