Monday, 13 February 2012

Meal planning Monday - 13th February 2012

I’m only planning meals for Monday through to Wednesday this week. Thursday and Friday will see me living it up in London while D continues to manfully eat his way through the freezer and then on Saturday we’re over to see my parents and my beloved Min for dinner. I haven’t worked out what is happening on Sunday yet, but it will probably involve eating eggs on toast.

  • And speaking of eggs on toast, tonight we’ll be having Eggs Benedict for a light yet indulgent supper. I must confess, the Hollandaise is out of a jar. Housekeeping fail.
  • Tuesday – Valentine’s Day! As you may remember, I am a big fan of this most overblown of fake Hallmark occasions. We’ll be having a steak supper and a bottle of red wine and I’ll spend a couple of minutes trying to make romantic small talk before we revert to normality and start squabbling over my inability to load the dishwasher properly.
  • Wednesday – Chicken and chickpea “stuff” leftovers. In last week’s meal plan it was referred to as a curry, but it turned out more like a stew with a vague hint of chilli. This was a most disappointing recipe so I won’t bother to link or share it - I hate wasting points on boring food. I plan to make it slightly more exciting second time around by bunging a load of sliced jalapenos and some crème fraiche (in place of sour cream) on top.

 As always, head over to Mrs M’s for more meal planning fun.



  1. Mmm, we're having lobster and then chateaubriand on Valentines - can't wait! With stilton leeks, mushroom and celeriac chips/mash.


  2. Oh wow, Peridot, that sounds amazing!


  3. We'll be having um, er, ~cough~, Fish Willies for our Valentines meal.

    Yup! LOL It's actually slices of white fish fillet, marinated in lime juice, wrapped in bacon and baked for 10 mins in a hot oven. Absolutely gorgeous! :)

  4. We are having spag bol for Valentines!! Its OH's birthday on Friday so we are saving the steak for then>