Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Meal planning Monday - 6th February 2012

Back at home and back in my own kitchen – hurrah!

In weight loss news: I’m very pleased that I’ve managed to lose weight across both the weeks that I’ve been working away from home. Admittedly only half a pound this week, but considering I had very little control over my weekly meals, was out for dinner on Saturday night (sister in law’s 30 tenth birthday) and accidentally fell face down into a large bag of crisps on Sunday (I blame the weather), I’ll take it very gratefully. I’ve talked before about really struggling with “all or nothing” mentality when it comes to eating plans. These last two weeks have proved to me that if I stay focussed and make good decisions where possible I can still achieve some measure of success. And hurrah for that.

Now, what are we eating this week?

Well, we’re still trying to clear the freezer. The problem I have is that in order to use up one ingredient (say, a bag of frozen broad beans) I need to buy several other ingredients, some of which will probably end up in the freezer. I feel a bit like Sisyphus. I am determined that I will get it defrosted by the end of this month, so expect to see a lot of broad bean related meals over the next couple of weeks…
  • Last night it was risotto – pancetta, pea and (yep) broad bean.
  • Tonight – Cumin crusted tuna steaks with (you guessed it) broad bean and dill pilaf.
  • Tomorrow – not a broad bean in sight! Salmon and pesto fishcakes, salad with a basil vinaigrette.
  • Thursday – I’m not going to be home from work until quite late, so I’m dusting off the slow cooker and putting together a chicken and chickpea curry to be served with basmati rice and/or pitta bread.
  • Friday – Not sure if D is in or out, but if he is in then I quite fancy some end of week indulgence with a spaghetti carbonara
  • Saturday – Slow roasted spiced lamb, couscous with feta and mint and a spiced aubergine puree
  • Sunday – Going to keep this quite light and serve a broad bean (they’re back!), mint and goats’ cheese bruschetta, possibly with some roasted tomatoes on the side.

 As always, head over to Mrs M for more meal planning fun.


  1. My fiance makes the most AMAZING carbonara. It's just that the no-carbs thing makes it a bit difficult....


  2. I know exactly what you mean about trying to use something from the freezer up, then having to buy more stuff - I'm terrible for this. I do seem to be shopping less at the moment, and I'm amazed at how much more veg we are getting through, so that's all good. Have you any good ideas for low fat kedgeree - I am struggling to imagine it being nice without the added butter!!!!

  3. Peridot - carbonara is a great favourite, but I can see why you'd struggle without the pasta...I mean, you're pretty much left with bacon and eggs! Have you ever tried spaghetti squash? I've seen some US diet blogs rave about it as a pasta alternative - I don't think it's as common here.

    OG - Hmmm, low fat kedgeree - I'll have a ponder. It's a fab dish, can't remember the last time I had it!


  4. i'll have one of everything please! ps...i use broadbeans to make veggie burgers!

  5. Victoria - veggie burgers is a genius idea! Thanks!


  6. Loving your commitment to the freezer clear out!

    Thanks for linking up.