Monday, 13 February 2012

I’ve turned into one of those people…

Guess where I was at twenty past six this morning. Go on, guess.

Twenty past six saw me sitting outside of the gym, waiting for it to open.

We decided not to actually join the queue of keen beans that were waiting for the turnstiles to be unlocked and instead lurked in the car until half past. Nevertheless, I was in the pool at twenty five to seven and, as I swam up and down and watched the clouds begin to blush pink with sunrise through the glass roof, I thought to myself “Who are you?"


  1. Wow.! You're amazing! X

  2. Having spent what felt like a lifetime getting up before the crack of dawn to see to my horses, I have to admit that these days I enjoy my bed too much. However, a few weeks ago we had to get Son & heir to school at a ridiculously early hour and were in Asda at 7.30am - before they'd even turned the lights on fully. It was one of the most surreal shops I've ever done. Kept expecting clowns to appear around the corner, riding tricycles. Just as well they didn't! LOL

  3. Goodness me! Very motivated!

  4. Aaah, but is it a regular thing?? I've often managed a heroic early morning run/swim, loved it and pledged to make it a part of my routine only to turn over and go back to sleep the next day!! I will be truly impressed when you post the next time!!!

    Seriously...well done. You are an inspiration and one I sadly need at the mo.

    Lesley xx