Monday, 9 November 2015

MPM: 9th November 2015

Well, another week another meal planning Monday.  And what a miserable Monday it is!  Grey, wet, windy - AND our office didn't have any heating until around 11oc so people were sat around in coats and scarves.  Me being warm blooded (a layer of fat may not be aesthetically desirable but it certainly keeps me toasty) was less bothered.

We cooked a chicken at the weekend - well, I say a chicken, I am not sure WHAT nature of animal it was given the amount of meat we got off it.  We also cooked some beautiful pigs' cheeks (post to follow) and again, we now have a mountain of delicious pulled pork.  So the meal plan may end up changing to accommodate those.  D is out Friday, so I'll be on the filled pasta tossed with butter and Parmesan (my favourite supper for one) and we're both out in York on Saturday.  Elsewhere, tentatively, this is what it looks like:

Lobster mac and cheese (with chicken and pork on the side)
Roast chicken (leftovers) with potato, parsnip and porcini gratin (with additional chicken and pork on the side)
Masala spiced fish finger sandwiches with coronation rice salad (and chicken and pork on the side)
Soup (with chicken and pork on the side)
Roast stuffed quail with roast potatoes and creamy kale and parsnips (with chicken and pork on the side).

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