Monday, 2 November 2015

MPM: 2nd November 2015

So, last week saw us pay a visit to the city of Nottingham and, more importantly, to Restaurant Sat Bains which dinner was a thing of beauty and a joy forever.  This week is likely to be considerably less exciting.  Which is a shame, but as we are now into November I feel entirely justified in commencing Christmas related cheer.  It's surely the only way to get through one of the gloomiest spells of the year?

More on the lovely Mr Bains to follow, but in the meantime, the meals have planned for the week ahead and they look like this:

Salmon and ricotta pasta
Butternut squash, apple and blue cheese soup
Shepherds' pie
Chilli con carne (got to be done on Bonfire Night!!)
Roast chicken with trimmings

All this, and on Saturday I am planning to cook something very special with some beautiful pig cheeks that I was recently sent by Grey's Fine Foods, a very nice company that sell very nice looking Spanish food online.  Yes, that is a plug but I defy anyone to not get a little bit giddy at the sight of all that amazing ham and TRUFFLES (be still my greedy little heart).  Hopefully, I can do their produce justice.

More meal planning fun, as ever, at Mrs M's.

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  1. My pick of your week is the soup. I do squash soup with roasted prosciutto crisps but blue cheese sounds delicious.