Friday, 27 November 2015


I suspect that I was a bear in a previous existence.  Or a hedgehog.  Or a squirrel.  Some sort of woodland animal, the kind who likes to sleep their way through winter.

This week, I think I was fighting some sort of bug – I was very sinus-ey, headache-ey, sore throat-ey for around 48 hours but powered through using a combination of sleep and orange juice.  Mainly sleep.  It’s how I roll.

So if things are a little quiet, please don’t worry yourself gentle Readers.  Most likely I’m off in the land of Nod.  Either that or I’m out and about since for this last few weeks of the year I actually seem to have grown a social life!  Of course, I’m a little bit concerned how that will impact on my sleep patterns and am trying to identify corners of the office suitable for power naps.  I’ll keep you informed.


  1. Will email you full size leaf picture as the one off my blog is resized down so won't make a decent print. Lxx

  2. Ah yes, I can also (clearly) identify with the hibernation thing. Hope you're feeling better x