Monday, 16 November 2015

MPM: 16th November 2015

It goes without saying that thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris today.  Maybe it is trite to continue blogging about “What I’m going to eat for dinner” this week, when there is such sadness and turmoil in the world.  But, maybe again, we overcome the sadness and the turmoil by turning our gaze to all the small pleasures that quietly fill our days; those small freedoms and joys that make our way of life so worth fighting for.


World news apart, wasn’t it a miserable weekend, weather wise?  Yesterday we hibernated with books and made soup and baked cake because that was the only way to deal with the unrelenting greyness and wind and rain and general gloominess. 

Talking of reading, I’ve recently become obsessed with this site, Goodreads which is kind of like social networking for bookworms.  If you’re on there then please do seek me out via this link.  Seeing what other people are reading is almost as compelling as seeing what they eat (so there is a vague link to meal planning).  The casual observer may note that my current rate of adding books to my “to-read” shelf I will soon have more than I can ever get through in one lifetime.  To which I respond by shrugging helplessly.

So, meal planning.  I can’t tell you what we’re cooking next weekend because we’re trialing some of our Christmas Day dishes and I don’t want to spoil the surprise for those relatives who will hopefully be joining us.  And we’re out one night at a local event (on which more to follow).  And a colleague’s retirement do falls on Friday so we’ll likely be freezer diving.  Elsewhere:

Ottolenghi’s ultimate winter couscous (all kinds of root veg and chickpea deliciousness)
Butternut squash soup, cheese and biscuits

I’m not sure that Mrs M is able to run the linky at the moment but if she has made it online this week, then more meal plans are available for perusal here.


  1. Beautiful writing on that opening paragraph, if I may be so bold...

    I'll say you're into Goodreads - my inbox may yet collapse under the weight of all the books you add! PS amongst the 100s, I saw the Dark is Rising series - I almost read my copies to collapse (the poor paperbacks, not me) as a child


    1. Oh, Peridot, I am sorry! I've got a bit click happy in the last few weeks - but I have now updated my settings so my friends shouldn't get a notification when I add a book to my shelves.

      I don't know how I managed to miss The Dark is Rising series when I was younger - it sounds like exactly my sort of thing.