Friday, 23 March 2012

Steady as she goes

After a run of good results and general enthusiasm, I’ve had a bit of a slump this week. Not just with regards WW but eating in general, as evidenced by the fact that for the last two evenings I’ve had sandwiches for supper. Not that there is anything wrong with sandwiches for supper, I just recognise a touch of malaise about my person.

I’m not unduly worried. Since Christmas, I’ve been very busy, regularly away from home at least one night a week; looking back through my calendar I see I’ve only had one day off (which was the day after a job interview, and which I spent wandering around London feeling teary and pessimistic – not the most relaxing way to pass the time). What I’m trying to say is that I think a bit of malaise, weariness, whatever you wish to call it, is allowed. We’ve got a week in Scotland coming up over Easter which will be the perfect opportunity to do some recharging of batteries and get a good dose of fresh air and vim. And, hopefully, haggis.

So, I’m going to set myself a little mini goal which is to be a further two pounds down by two weeks today (Good Friday), the day before we head off. This will take me to a stone and a half loss since Christmas, which would be a lovely milestone to reach and if I manage it I’m going to pop into town and buy myself something nice to wear down to the local pub in Kilchoan. I’ll shift my normal Monday weigh in back a few days to accommodate. Hopefully aiming for this will give me that little bit of extra enthusiasm to carry me through this last pre-holiday stretch.


  1. And it's almost asparagus season! I know you're as big a fan as me.

    Stone and a half would be AMAZING - good luck.


  2. Yes...the treat will do the trick!! Keep it up hon. L x

  3. Yes...the treat will do the trick!! Keep it up hon. L x

  4. Thank you lovelies!

    And, ooooh yes, asparagus season! Definitely looking forward to that.


  5. Kilchoan looks gorgeous. I'm jealous! Even though I am just back from Loch Fyne x

    1. Ooooh, I've never been to Loch Fyne - I must admit I spent a long time thinking it was just a restaurant chain as opposed to a real place... :-)