Wednesday, 7 March 2012

In which I miss my kitchen

This is the fourth week out of six I have been away from home and it is beginning to take its toll.

The weight loss has continued, slow but steady (a further pound off this week) but, oh, it is beginning to be a trial having to navigate mass catering for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Actually, I’ve given up on breakfast altogether (and yes, I know that is a terrible habit but I’ve got to create some room for manoeuvre somewhere and I’ve never been a fan of the Full English at half past seven in the morning – it is more of an eleven o clock meal to my mind).

I am proud of myself for conquering the chattering voice in my head that says if you can’t point properly then there is no need to point at all. I guestimate everything I eat, tending on the side of caution, and trying to stick to the simplest iteration of whatever is on offer. It is frustrating though, to fuel my days with mediocre food. I have realised how lucky I am to enjoy cooking and to enjoy the challenge of providing myself with meals that are not only WW friendly but good to eat as well.

Hopefully some more food (and less whinge) based posts will follow next week. In the meantime, hug your ovens people, and give your worktops a fond stroke. You’d miss them if they weren’t there.


  1. It's really impressive to be doing so well in tough circumstances. And I know just what you mean, I hate wasting calories on blah food.


  2. I would I would!! I've just been mulling on supper and perhaps some early Friday afternoon baking so I'm sorry that you've been deprived.

    But kudos for sticking to your guns even when away from home - it is not easy and it sounds like you're in a really good place.

    Keep it up chuck!

    Lesley xx