Monday, 19 March 2012

Meal planning Monday - 19th March 2012

Happy Monday pop pickers!  It started out as a beautiful day, all sunshine and daffodils, so spring might be finally sprunging. 

Despite ending the week on minus fifteen points (which show up as red in the tracker to further highlight the shame) I lost three pounds this week, taking me to a total of nineteen since the beginning of January.  I am (very tentatively) describing this as a roll.  As for the minus points - I blame, in part, my discovery of salted caramel profiteroles on Saturday night.  Yes, you heard, salted caramel profiteroles.  Such deliciousness.

Anyway, on with the meal planning for this week.
  • Tonight, we'll be having a "Sunday" roast.  This is because I roasted a chicken and prepped some veg yesterday and we then decided to have sandwiches (although, note to self, roast chicken and home made sage and onion stuffing sandwiches are fantastic.) 
  • Tomorrow I'm away for the night, so D is fending for himself and I will be trying not to drink too much.
  • Wednesday - I'll be travelling back from Liverpool and won't arrive till quite late, but I'm hoping D can be prevailed upon to put together a winter minestrone soup with pesto toasts.  He's pretty nifty in the kitchen, I reckon he'll manage.
  • Thursday - Salmon in a creamy mustard sauce with pasta.  Salmon and mustard is a surprisingly lovely combination.
  • Friday - Bacon wrapped pigeon breasts with a warm salad of Puy lentils, apple and walnuts.
  • Saturday - D is out so I'm home alone.  There may be cheesy chips involved.
  • Sunday - The remainder of the roast chicken will be transformed into a cheesy chicken and leek pie with mashed potatoes and roasted broccoli.
As always, pop over to Mrs M's for more meal planning fun.


  1. Brilliant loss - well done lady!

    oooh - anything with salted caramel is a winner in my book.... and I love cheesy chips!


  2. 3 lbs off and a total of 19 is brilliant!! You mst be feeling and seeing the benefits now?? Keep it up are my inspiration.

    Lesley xx

  3. Mmmm, it all sounds delicious and I will try mustard with salmon.

    19lb is stonkingly good! Nearly a stone and a half! Amazing work, you must be so pleased.