Thursday, 15 March 2012

A dirty little habit…

This blog could quite well be called “The WW (sometimes) EatsPrettyMuchEverythingIndiscrimately-ie” because I am no longer allowed to call myself a foodie.

But I can’t help it people, sometimes I just have to give in to the dark side. For tea last night I had…

Can you see what they are? Well, I’ll tell you.

1 x box M&S “frites” (9 pro points) topped with grated cheese (2 pro points), low fat mayonnaise (1 pro point) and a good hefty pinch of sea salt. They are, my friends, cheeeeeezee chips.

I blame D – he introduced me to these one lunchtime at a Leeds hostelry, but to be honest, I’m surprised I didn’t discover the phenomenon sooner. I mean, I come from a family where we believe that pretty much any meal is improved by a layer of melted cheese. But actually, I’m not the world’s biggest chip fan – I’d nearly always rather have mash or roasties. So the notion of cheezee chips entirely passed me by.  No more.

I’m now slightly obsessed. I’m already wondering when I can next indulge.

A few pointers if you wish to join my long, dark teatime of the soul – you don’t want your chips to be too thick or too crisp. Thinnish, but with a good amount of bend. Not too much cheese (only time you’ll ever hear that from me!). And cheap mayonnaise. The good stuff just won’t do – it has to have that tang of articifial preservatives.

Normal (cooking) service to be resumed shortly.


  1. Cheesy chips are the business - FACT.

  2. I tried them once and they did nothing for me. Probably didn't help that the grated cheese just sat, unmelted, on the top though. I prefer my chips so doused in vinegar that they bend.

    Cheesy mash though.....


  3. I have encountered these wondrous items but purposefully avoided EVER ordering them thru sheer fear of the consequences. Reading this, I suspect I was right!!

    Good luck controlling the obsession.

    Lesley x

  4. OMG. I used to eat these when visiting friends in New Jersey (it is classic Jersey diner food!) I haven't had these in years. Unfortunately I'm now entirely too close to New Jersey now for comfort and may have to revisit...