Monday, 24 July 2017

MPM: 24th July 2017

I am writing this on Sunday afternoon, so I haven't yet had my Official Weigh In and don't yet know whether my renewed commitment to the 5:2 plan has paid dividends on the scales.  Daily scale hops have seen a definite downwards movement, which is tentatively pleasing.

The fast days themselves, as expected, were not that pleasant.  Thursday, in particular, I was extremely grumpy in the evening and took myself off to bed to sulk behind a book at around eight o clock.  Hopefully, this week will be a bit better.  However, I've stuck to keeping my food diary, and observed the rule about no cheeky glasses of wine on school nights, so that's progress. We also adhered to the meal plan and ate well all week - although both agreed that veggie haggis isn't a patch on actual, y'know, haggis.

Next weekend will be a busy one for us - we're off to the Roosters brewery open day on the Saturday with my parents and then on Sunday we have tickets for a local restaurant's take on Scandi food.  So, no meal planning required at the weekend.  Monday and Thursday will be fast days - that just leaves us with...

Tuesday: Caesar salad burgers from this month's Good Food magazine

Wednesday: Crab tart

Friday:  Homemade fish fingers - D has yet to decide whether he's going spicy or classic

All good, summery fare - which is not quite in keeping with the greyness and rain that I see before me through the study window but you never know - perhaps our diet can tempt the sunshine back out.  Have a great week all!

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