Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Baby steps

There are few things more annoying than tracking a good weight loss all week (between 2 and 2.8lbs) only for the scales to bounce back up on Official Weigh Day. 

I mean, the point about weighing yourself daily is to get a sense of the overall trend, the general movement and not to get too het up about the number on any given day.  But everyone knows that the results on Official Weigh Day mean the most.  And everyone knows that Official Weigh Day is really Monday, no matter how often you try and convince your psyche that Friday is better.

So, anyway.  My Official Weigh Day result was a 1.2lb loss.  Which isn't bad by any means, but given that this was the highest number to flash up since last Monday it is supremely irritating. 

Still, I take it and I keep going.  The alternatives that I mentioned are weighing almost as heavy as, well, me.

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