Monday, 17 July 2017

MPM: 17th July 2017

Not a particularly seasonal menu plan this week - you'll notice haggis popping up a couple of times which is something that I always associate with winter.  However, we have had a veggie haggis lurking in the freezer for ages (don't ask) that needs utilising. And, let's face it, when has British summertime ever been actually summery?

We're fasting Monday and Thursday - so that will be soup (I've knocked up a batch of this old favourite).  Elsewhere:

Tuesday: veggie haggis and clapshot, caramelised onion gravy and some sort of green - I'm thinking maybe a creamed spinach?

Wednesday: giant couscous tossed in 'nduja, roasted vegetables and a crumble of feta cheese

Friday: veggie haggis toasties.  Don't knock until you've tried them.

Saturday: I'm cooking up a veggie Indian feast, featuring two of my favourite curries - saag paneer and chana masala (aka cheesy spinach and spiced chickpeas).  To be served with rice and flatbreads and maybe a couple of cheeky chutneys.  YUM!

Sunday: fish of some description - but we'll decide what we're doing when we pick up the fish on Saturday.  We have an absolutely wonderful local fishmongers so we're going to choose something that looks yummy and then base what we cook around that.  If it's sunny, perhaps I might even persuade young D to fire up the barbecue?

Have a wonderful week, mes amies!

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