Thursday, 7 January 2016

Woo to the hoo

Today was my first weigh in of 2016.

I like to weigh in on a Thursday.  It's far enough away from last weekend that you've had the chance to reverse any gain but it also allows you to get a low day under your (capacious) belt before launching into next weekend.

In order to give myself a starting point, I gritted my teeth and weighed myself last Thursday.  Which, if you'll recall was New Years' Eve.  I then proceeded to have an extremely indulgent lunch and an evening of profligacy (turns out that my brother makes a very good chocolate salted caramel tart and that I like Parma Violets when they are in cocktail form).

Still, I started tracking on Monday which clearly sent my body into a profound state of shock since I stand before you delighted to report a 2.6 lb loss on last week.  It's a start!

Loss / (gain) this week: 2.6 lbs
Loss / (gain) in 2016: 2.6 lbs


  1. I'm just about to blog on my own progress. Which is v different, sigh. Woo-hoo for you though. And parma violet martinis


  2. Great loss! I'm afraid all my year of weight watchers has done is make me realise I need help & made me go for treatment for an eating disorder...but I commend your efforts. You always feed yourself so well and lose weight so you give me hope xx

  3. Well done! What a great start to the year.

  4. Good woman! I'm hoping that the gluttony of the week before my new start means an easy come, easy go chunk of lard which will just melt away....the Holy Grail indeed! Lxx