Friday, 22 January 2016

BBC Good Food - coming to Harrogate!

I've been meaning to go the Good Food show for yonks but never quite got around to it.  Which is odd because it's basically an opportunity to go and eat food and talk about food and buy food which are three of my favourite things to do.

The Spring show is coming to Harrogate this April, for the third year running.  And 2016 will finally be the year that I break my duck and go along, partly because I've been asked to join the BBC Good Food Show Blogging Community.  Look at all those capital letters!  And I have a shiny badge down at the bottom of the page which makes it all official and suchlike.

Such things make me tremendously happy.

Basically, what this means is that for the next three months, I am going to write increasingly over excited articles about the show (Michel Roux Jr is attending!  And Paul "Silver Fox" Hollywood!  And Tom Kerridge!  And I'm going to spend so much money on local gins and chutneys that I will spend the the rest of the month eating beans on toast!)  You, dearest reader, will sigh and roll your eyes and put up with them because I'm endearing really, and I post cute cat pictures.  Then afterwards I shall write a breathless account of all my adventures, complete with dodgy photography and you shall sigh a bit more and hope that no one else in the history of PR approaches me to do anything.

Here are the essential deets: the show is taking place between the 8th and 10th of April at the Harrogate International Centre and it is going to be very exciting indeed.  I shall share more information with you as the weeks go by but the website is here if you just can't wait.  The tickets are on sale now and if you're anywhere near Harrogate in April then come along!  Watch in awe at my capacity for sample sized bites of food!  Buy gin!  And cake!  Possibly appear in aforementioned dodgy photography!  Ticket prices start from £13.50 but because I love my lovely readers I have a 20% off ticket code - just enter BL20 at the checkout (please note that this applies to adult and over 65 tickets only and is not valid on VIP or with any other offer.  Terms and conditions, people!)

It's going to be fun, folks - see how excited Minx is!

Be quiet.  I'm 

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  1. Recent times when net has so often gossip mongering and clog; your proportion really refreshes me.