Thursday, 31 January 2013

That was the month that was

After the wonderful, thoughtful and supportive comments on last week’s post, it seems churlish to just post a sausage recipe and then disappear. Time appears to be slipping away from me at the moment and this last week has passed in the twinkling of an eye. So, as always, from the heart of my bottom thank you for all your kind words. Might I suggest a virtual group hug?

There is wisdom indeed out there in the blogosphere, and believe me, I am thinking carefully about what my next steps should be – both with regards to my own health and my relationship with D. For the former, I have an appointment to see lovely doctor again next week and, having done some gut spilling to both her and you, do feel better and more positive and want now to come up with some solid strategies. And as to the latter, D and I have both agreed that a period of more separated separation might well be in order (thank you for your honesty, Bren). We are spending a weekend together in the Lakes in a couple of weeks, but after that…

So, January 2013 Not a sterling start to the year in any way, shape or form but it’s over now and with its departure, so we edge ever closer to Spring.


  1. Lovely Lady, I've been reading your posts for ages but I've been entirely crap at commenting. I have been thinking about you lots though.

    I think Bren has made some really good points and I'm heartened to hear you sounding more resolved about coming up with ideas of how to make yourself feel better.

    I don't really have much more to add but I wanted you to know that lots of us are thinking about you and wishing you happiness.

    lots of love x

  2. Hey honey. Hope the doctor comes up trumps and also that you and D can reach a mutually acceptable conclusion. I admire your ability to stay friends and friendly, especially after the horrors of my break up!!

    More virtual hugs coming your way.

    Lesley xx

  3. I'm glad to hear you're sounding a bit more positive. You've got to put yourself first. I sincerely hope you and D can resolve things. Hugs x

  4. Big group hug, and well done for making the tough decisions. God bless the blogosphere, it helped me when I was broken hearted, and I wanted to die at the time but three years later I am cured and in the hapiest relationship of my life.Who knew? The Garth brooks song "Unanswered prayers" comes to my mind a lot. Be good to ourself, lots of treats ( non food related:)) and try to get some exercise. And hang out with mates as much as possible. and keep going to the doc or someone she recommends. Happy Friday ya'll,xx

  5. Keep posting - we want to support you in any way we can.