Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Banishing the shoulder chip

Why hello 2013, how nice of you to come.

One week in and already I am unconvinced that 2013 is set to be a vintage year. After spending most of the Christmas period in the bosom of my family I found myself almost looking forward to returning home for a period of quiet reflection and gentle pottering. Oh, and playing with my shiny new laptop (it is purple! Which makes me very happy). But it didn’t take long for that sneaky January malaise to creep in, and instead of being a lovely little haven of peace and quiet and twinkly fairy lights, my house became instead a Fortress of Self Pitying Solitude and Zero Personal Hygiene. Yup, even after four months, I am still not good at Being Separated (although apparently I am excellent at capitalising words). My digestive system did its usual end of December / beginning of January rebellion (every year, every year, I end up spending at least one day in bed with grumbling insides) probably exacerbated this time round by the lack of proper nutrients and, indeed, a regular eating schedule. And then, just as I was considering dragging my self into the shower so that the people at work wouldn’t mistake me for Stig of the Dump, I received some bad news about a close family member who has been hospitalised.


I hate self pity, I really do, and I seriously over indulged myself this last week or so. My end of December birthday didn’t help; I think I now qualify for the “mid” rather than “early” thirties bracket and that makes me want to sulk mightily – despite the fact that I got asked for ID buying a bottle of wine just a few weeks ago.

So, my first step towards dragging myself up by my bootstraps is going to be some Reasons to be Cheerful.

1) Four pound weight gain over the entire Christmas period – which started a good couple of weeks before Christmas Day itself and extended itself into the first few days of January. Not bad at all.

2) I have decided to become a dryathlete for the duration of January which means eschewing booze and raising money for Cancer Research in the process. And, to remind myself to stick to it, I treated myself to this gorgeous little teapot necklace from Etsy (I’ll be drinking tea instead of wine – you see? It’s symbolic AND cute). Etsy is a reason to be cheerful all by itself – love, love, love it.

3) I have pink butterfly push pins (Christmas present courtesy of D) and a Lol Cats calendar (courtesy of la mere) on my desk at work, both of which make me smile.

4) My deliciously cute little nephew, who was up just after Christmas, learned to say “Auntie” which was just adorable, as was the fact that he greeted all of his presents with the phrase “Oh wow”. And the best thing about nephews is that you get to enjoy all the cute bits and hand them back to their parents when they get noisy or smelly or both.

See, I feel better already! Now for some resolutions and Action Plans to ensure that the remainder of the month is an improvement on these first few days…


  1. I think you're allowed a bit of self pity every now and then, God knows I've been wallowing in it of late. Here's to a happy and healthy 2013 x

  2. Oh lovely girl, sorry to hear you are feeling like this. Not surprising after all you have been through, and the Jan blues gets most of us down even at the best of times. Hope you feel more yourself soon. Love number 4) by the way - proud moment when that happened for me too!

    Lots of love xxxx

  3. I am a great one for Randomised Capitalisation myself. And if they ever ration exclamation marks, I'll be in trouble.

    Although my fondness for !s might signal that I'm 13, this is only on the inside and - alas! - am in my 'early 40s'. So mid 30s sounds quite good to me. And when I get gloomy about my age, I consider the alternative and then give myself a talking to!

    A purple laptop would definitely give me great joy.

    Finally - reflection is over-rated. Especially when you compare it to reading. Get some absorbing (and non-improving) books and immerse yourself in those. It's what's going to get me through.

    Hope your family member is better soon.


  4. Ah, thank you ladies, voices of sympathy and reason as always.

    Peridot - funny that you should mention the reading, I retired early last night to gloat over my pile of recently acquired paperbacks (none of them particularly improving) and think reading my way through January may definitely be the way forward!