Monday, 21 January 2013

Meal planning Monday - 21st January 2013

I am absolutely determined to stay on track this week despite feeling like I'm going through the mill a bit at the moment.  And the best way to stay on track is to plan, plan, plan and ensure that there are plenty of yummy things that I can look forward to.  I'm away next weekend down in London, so it is just the working week to think about.

Another thing I'm trying out this week is building two "fast" days into my plan.  The 5:2 plan has already been written about ad infinitum by far wiser peeps than me, but basically, there are potentially health and weight loss benefits to having two very low calorie (or, in my case, point) days a week.  I've decided to half my points on two days and spread those points out across the rest of the week - somewhat flying in the face of current WW guidance which has a use it or lose it policy for daily points - but we'll see how it goes.

So, the meal plan:

  • Monday is fast day number one and to make it easy for myself I've opted for a low calorie ready meal of orzo with prawns from the new City Kitchen range at Tesco, with a decent portion of side salad for bulk.

  • Tuesday - venison sausages braised in red wine probably with broccoli, spinach and a jacket potato

  • Wednesday is second fast day and I'm thinking poached egg on toast - light and nourishing.

  • Thursday, D is coming round and bringing dinner with him; I've been promised slow cooked coq au vin and I'll be providing a couple of side dishes.

  • Friday I'm going to indulge in some fish finger wraps - a dish that I'm sure Lauren has pioneered. 

As always, more meal plans over at Mrs M's.


  1. Venison sounds great mmm.

    I've heard about the fasting and tempted to give it ago. I'll see how you get on next week - good luck x

  2. Welcome to the fasting! There have been some quite good recipes for this in the Sunday Times Style section - although I pretty much stick rigidly to the same thing.


  3. I don't mind it so far - the thing about doing it on points rather than calories is that there is always fruit and veg as a back up (although I'm conscious that's not quite in the spirit of it so use them sparingly) and also, by spreading those points across the other days I get to eat lovely food throughout the rest of the week. We'll see....

    Peridot, thanks for the tip, I'll check that out!

  4. I like your meal plan, some really varied stuff to keep you interested! Fish finger wrap sounds great.

  5. Ooh that all sounds lovely! I'm back on the wagon now and am going to be rooting through the archives to come up with some tasty but low cal dinners! I'm logging it all on myfitnesspal, if you're on there you should add me! (jooleroo)

  6. Fish finger wraps? I am SO there. Love that. Thanks for joining in again.