Sunday, 8 July 2012

York screams for ice cream

Prior to us moving away, D and I have been spending some Quality Time with York over the past few weekends. We've done this year's Science and Innovation Grand Tour, checked out a few of those hostelries which have been on our To Do list for a while and generally had a good old wander round.

We've uncovered a few little gems of places, one of which was this establishment.

The Luxury Ice Cream Company (or Licc - you see what they did there?) was an absolute paean to kitsch - from the bright pink umbrellaed tables outside to the pastel colour scheme used in the parlour. But it was fabulous.

Next time I go I'll save up some room and try a liccabockerglory. As it was, D and I shared a small tub of chocolate, orange and
ginger ice cream which was divine - and plenty enough for the two of us which, at £2.30 makes it pretty damn good value. There was a huge range of flavours - from bubblegum to ginger biscuit, all of which looked delicious, as well as a cute selection of toppings. An ice cream lover's paradise with gingham and frills.

Luxury Ice Cream Company
20 Back Swinegate

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