Monday, 23 July 2012

The secret is, there is no secret

I met up with a good friend at the weekend, whom I hadn’t seen since before Christmas. Well – what a difference seven months can make! She had lost a shitload (note use of technical term) of weight. And how, I wondered aloud, had she managed it. Well…by following Weight Watchers to the letter and going to the gym five times a week.

Damn. I had kind of been hoping for some sort of weird cactus extract tea or at the very least a wheat and dairy and alcohol intolerance. Nope. Turns out good old fashioned watching what you eat and moving more can work wonders.

Good for her, say I. But also (in a slightly quieter voice) game on.


  1. Spot on.... it's annoying but it's true. Except for when I was 17 and could live on KFC without putting on a pound. But post 21 I learnt the hard way to eat less and move more!!!! Good luck lovely x

  2. I think we all know deep down this is true, unless a person has some strange medical condition then eating less and exercising will see you lose weight. Good luck x

  3. Sometimes we all need a metaphorical kick up the backside to bring stuff home - keep at it, it can be done! Good to see in practice, that's what was the turning point for me. xx

  4. Well... I still think that some people lose more easily than others. Men always lose faster and easier than women too. Still, let's hope you're in the same camp as your friend!


  5. Sigh, you're all so right ladies - but wouldn't a magic fat melting cactus tea make life SO much easier....???