Monday, 20 July 2015

MPM: 19th July 2014

I always try and write the meal planning post on a Sunday to ensure that it gets done.  But sometimes the result is that I feel quite Sundayish when I do it - sleepy and slow and tea ridden.  This is especially true this morning and therefore I am going to plunge straight in to the meals themselves and spare you the rambling intro.

Meal plan this week is as follows:

Brown shrimp risotto
Leftover roast pork with potato salad
Red pepper, goats' cheese and 'nduja pasta bake
Rick Stein's cod curry (bumped from last week)

We are mainly out next weekend and so it is just the midweek that needs thinking about - which makes this a short (but definitely sweet) entry.  More meal planning fun (and perhaps some engaged brains) over at Mrs M's.


  1. Personally I love the 'rambling' intros!


  2. Moi aussi.

    Mmmmm brown shrimp risotto. Haven't had a ris for ages, let alone a fishy one....