Monday, 16 March 2015

MPM: 16th March 2015

It is Sunday afternoon as I write this and so may I take the opportunity to send all the mothers out there (and I know that many of the participants in MPM fall into that category) belated but heartfelt warm wishes.  I do not have children, nor any very strong current desire to change that status quo, but I must admit to feeling slightly misty eyed at all the pink posies and daffodil arrangements in the flower section of Waitrose.  The cat got me a card though, which also made me sniffle a little bit.

What is this Mummy's Day?
Anyway, meal planning for this week.  After yesterday's shockingly expensive leg of lamb (seriously, has it always been that price?)  most of the rest of the week is quite...restrained.  D is out on Friday and Saturday is yet to be decided.

Sea bass fillets with chraimeh sauce and courgette couscous (our take on an Ottolenghi recipe)

Egg, chips and beans (we have some oven chips in the freezer, bought for my father in law when he came round to cat sit, that need using up.)

Corned beef hash (bumped from last week)

Thai chicken soup

Coq a la biere with probably mashed potatoes (from the Le Gavroche cookbook).

And that's us!  More meal planning fun over at Mrs M's.

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