Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Meal planning - better late than never?

Well, it may be Tuesday but here we are with meal planning Monday.  We had a fantastic weekend (of which, more to follow) but got home very late on Sunday night which meant that yesterday I was attempting to chase my tail all day and not being very successful about it.

Still, there is a meal plan for the week.

Last night we had a delicious old favourite that was bumped several times in February - bumped, in fact, all the way into March - oven baked red pepper and chorizo risotto.  I love this dish!  It is simple, tasty and just the kind of thing that you want to sink into at the end of a tiring day. 

Elsewhere this week:

Chicken and mushroom curry (the result of a freezer dive)
Tuna steak sandwiches with wasabi mayonnaise and Asian inspired slaw
Black pepper tofu
Empire roast chicken with Indian gravy and Bombay style roasties

Quite a spicy week ahead!  I am so pleased to see a veggie dish in there - we definitely need to develop more of a repertoire of decent vegetarian friendly evening meals - it helps keep household costs down not to mention being environmentally sound.

Anyhoo, more meal planning fun, as ever, over at Mrs M's


  1. Yum! Everything sounds fantastic! I really like the sound of the tuna x

  2. I like the sound of that risotto - I've never done one in the oven before, that'll have to go on the meal plan for sure. Have a good week