Wednesday, 18 March 2015


So D and I were chatting this week and I promised that I would go back to WW meetings after Easter that will be Wednesday 8th April.

I feel better that I've set a date in my head, and I'm aiming to not spend the next few weeks on one of those bonkers "I've got to eat everything now because I won't be able to have it soon" frenzies.  It's simply not true in any case - I've never had to be overly restrictive about my eating following the WW plan, just a bit more careful and considered.

I have another exam on the 22nd April, and part of me thinks I should wait until after that - it was trying to balance study, exam stress, work and dieting which led to me taking a break in December that turned into a three and a half month hiatus.  But, as I've said before, there's never an ideal time, so let's give it a go.

I'm not that interested in numbers at the moment, just getting back into good habits.  So I may ask the leader to not tell me my actual weight for the first few weeks, just to record it on my card so that I can look when I'm ready.  Sounds bonkers, but I know a few people from the message boards who have done just that and found it to be a helpful way of shifting the focus away from results and on to process.

I'd say wish me luck, but I think wish me a severe stomach bug to give me a boost for the first weigh in would be more useful at this stage....*

*Joke.  Honest.


  1. Good luck! I'm impressed at your resolve not to go wild for the next fortnight. That's always my downfall before a healthy kick!

  2. I did the no numbers thing when I went back to Lighter Life for a few months a few years ago. It helped me get back to LL in the short term but I needed the accountability pretty quickly but certainly a useful tool in chimp management.

    Well done for getting back

  3. Fingers too fast..

    Well done for setting a plan and good luck!! Lxxx