Thursday, 21 August 2014

The return of Weigh in Wednesday

So, as promised last week, I tucked my tail firmly between my legs and went back to a WW meeting last night.

My feelings about meetings, as discussed at length elsewhere on the blog are very mixed.  However, there is no getting away from the evidence that my weight loss when attending meetings is far more consistent than when I'm not.  They give my week structure, acting as a proper line - both after a good week (don't get complacent!) and a bad (fresh start!)  I have to accept, once and for all, that maybe I just plain need them to do this.  Do I, subconsciously, see this as a weakness because I should be able to do it on my own?  I'm not sure.  But I've been playing around long enough that I have to now man up and use the tools at my disposal that are proven to work - shoulda woulda coulda as the song goes.

Let's, then, look at some stats.

I am 2.5lbs heavier than my last recorded meeting weight on 22nd February.  Given that was an early morning meeting and yesterday was an evening meeting, the actual difference is probably even smaller than that.  So, overall, six months of no progress.  Sigh.  "You've got maintenance down!" tinkled the leader when she saw my old weigh in card.  Which would be fine if I didn't still look like a Weeble.

I am 16.2lbs heavier than my lowest recorded home weight.  Factor in the difference between first-thing-in-the-morning-nekkid weight and evening-clothed weight, this is probably a bit less in actuality.  It's still a backwards slide, which is annoying.  But I've caught it before it got tooooo serious.  And there is no reason that I can't be comfortably into new territory by Christmas given past form.

So, as ever, onwards and downwards - and hopefully next week I'll be able to report a good first week back result to set me up for the next phase of the journey.  Courage, mes braves!

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