Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Minx Alone

Hello readers of the blog!  It is I, Minx.

I am a hard done by cat, you know.  Scarcely have my humans come back from gallivanting around in a place that they called Barcelona (but you and I know is really Cat-a-land) but they're off to somewhere called Scot-a-land so once again, I am to be dumped in the cattery.  Not that I mind it too much you understand - there are other cats there to chat with and I can play on Mum's guilt for literally weeks when she comes back but still... 

...Why would you want to go on holiday when you have a cat as pretty as me at home?

Mum tells me that she has scheduled some posts to go up while she is away so her beloved readers will not be left to bereft (unlike me - huh).  I did try and help her write them but for some reason she seemed to end up deleting everything that I typed.  Well, I say typed, it was more like stream of consciousness from walking across the keyboard - very modernist says I.  Mum says that this is not a modernist blog.

If anyone wants to send me emergency Dreamies I can be reached care of the Adel Cattery, where I will be mostly practicing my sulky face for the next ten days.  See you on the other side.

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