Sunday, 11 May 2014

Scales on Saturday on Sunday

Previously on WWF: -50lbs
Last 3 weeks: +4lbs
Total loss: 46lbs

Ah well, three weeks worth of halo slippage and what can one expect?  Actually, I don't think a 4lb gain is too awful considering there were plenty of indulgent meals and sneaky g&ts and one Hotel Chocolat chocolate crispy nest (yum!)

Getting back to pointing after a hiatus is always difficult, but three days in and I'm gradually getting back into the swing.  I'm still in that slightly resentful stage whereby it seems like a chore rather than routine but that, too, will pass.


  1. it is so hard to get back on the wagon.(pointing chocolate and meals out is horrifying). keeping doing it , the getting back on keeps us mindful of what we really want. well done.

  2. I can do 4lbs with one meal, so that's not bad at all :)

    Good luck with getting back on track x