Monday, 12 May 2014

MPM: 12th May 2014

Ah, Monday. You come around so ridiculously fast and are so unwelcome when you arrive. And yet, I woke this morning to beautiful sunshine streaming in through the gap in the curtains (one of the few advantages to a six o clock start; it has subsequently begun to cloud over) and a purring cat kneading my shoulder and it wasn’t such a bad old start to the week.

A break from pasta then, after last week’s carb loading exploits – which, may I say, I thoroughly enjoyed. I could never go Dukan. D ran the half marathon with a really impressive time yesterday, so it obviously paid off and we both agreed that all the dishes, most of the them old favourites that sometimes get forsaken in favour of the new and the different, were welcome additions to the menu. Both classic lasagne and mushroom risotto need to feature more regularly in the rotation being not only delicious but also delivering decent portion sizes for surprisingly few points thanks to a good volume of lovely zero point veggies.

And so, on to this week. D has requested our monthly fish and chip Friday, I’m out at my book club tomorrow and we’ll soup it up as usual on Wednesday so only four other meals to plan. At the moment, it’s looking a bit like this:

Asparagus and goats' cheese tart – with leftovers to take cold for lunch

Mustard pork chop with gnocchi and a side of asparagus (we’re eating as much as we can while the season lasts)

Chicken Achar and mushroom pilau

Veal and Parmesan burgers (Waitrose rather than home made) probably in buns with homemade spiced potato wedges and perhaps even some homemade coleslaw using some of the blanched cabbage currently taking up freezer space.

More meal planning fun over at Mrs M’s.


  1. It all sounds delicious, I wish we had a chippy in the village, our nearest one is a good 20 minute drive.

  2. The Asparagus and goats' cheese tart sounds delicious!
    Have a great week!