Saturday, 12 April 2014

Smitten kitten takes to the scales

This week we welcomed a new member to our little household.  This is Minx, whom we brought home from our local Cats Protection rescue centre.  She was taken in when her owner got a new partner with an allergic son; I say, ditch the small child and keep the beautiful cat, and that is precisely why I am currently more suited to being a pet owner than a parent.

I won’t bore you too much by talking about my cat – poor old D already has to put up with my constant stream of chat about her food intake (good) , toilet habits (also good) and behaviour (skittish but affectionate).  Suffice to say that I am utterly besotted.
But what of the scales....?
Weeks 1-27: -48.25lbs
This week: +1lb
Total loss: 47.25lbs
It is also fair to say that I have experienced a little case of Can’tBeArsedness with regards WW this week and I have used poor old Minx as an excuse for a couple of bad habits creeping back in – specifically the midweek drinkiepoos and a lack of organisation with regards meals.  I didn’t think, especially after such an indulgent weekend, that the scales would look kindly on my transgressions (I’m pleasantly surprised at the relative smallness of the gain) and I’m having to dig really deep at the moment to get back on track this week knowing full well that the following week I will be off work and, again, out of routine. 
I suppose (writing this down is actually helping to clarify the problem) I am just feeling a bit disheartened at the moment because I’m not getting a proper run at the thing.  You know, a good two or three week period where I can just knuckle down and make what feels like real progress.  I keep banging on about not being prepared to give up my weekends away and meals out – which is fine, WW should fit around life not the other way around - but then keep being unreasonably disappointed at the seesawing scales.  I’ve been coming up to 50 pounds lost and, shortly after that, the halfway point for what feels like ages and their elusiveness is annoying me.  And, as history tells us, negative emotions are not good for my weight loss.
This week I need to get back to basics with regards really looking at what I’m eating and planning regular meals and snacks to ensure that my blood sugar stays on an even keel – if I’m hungry I get grumpy and distracted and more inclined to stray.  I have seven days with nothing planned, which means I have a full compliment of weekly points at my disposal and I shall make sure I’m using some of them to bolster my daily allowance rather than saving them all for “treats”.  I also think that seven days without any alcohol would be a good thing, especially since I plan to indulge over the Easter weekend. 
This week, as well, I need to be process focused rather than results focused – if that makes sense and doesn’t sound too management speak-ey?  So I’m going to temporarily ditch the daily weigh ins to ensure that I’m not being lulled into a false sense of security by a downwards movement or frustrated by an upwards one.  I still think, ultimately, daily weigh ins are an important part of the puzzle for me – but for now I need to get the diet right and just trust that the losses will follow.
Onwards and downwards, comrades!


  1. Minx is GORGEOUS!! What blue eyes....are you sure she doesn't wear contacts??

    You seem to have it covered on the diet front. These lulls occur but the trick is to keep some momentum and not become becalmed for too long. Enjoy your dry week. Try new dishes or do some exercise to liven things up.

    Whatever you do....keep it up chuck!!

    Lesley xx

    1. They are amazing eyes aren't they - I've never seen a cat with such blue peepers before!

      Thanks for the encouragement, much appreciated as always. xx