Saturday, 26 April 2014

Scales (and blogging) amnesty

Happy belated Easter everyone. I hope you had a wonderful time and much chocolate was consumed.

D and I have both just had a week off work - our first break since Christmas - and have been gloriously, indulgently lazy. A fabulous lunch on Wednesday, a pootle around Whitby yesterday, lots of stroking the cat...bliss. I have not been pointing or tracking, nor have I been weighing in, and it's been great. I've got past the stage of thinking that Weight Watchers - or, at the very least some sort of lower case weight watching - is something I'll ever be able to completely stop and, most days, planning and tracking is just part of my routine. Still, a few days "off" is very pleasant. I'm learning to not go completely off the rails and have got better (although I'm not quite there yet) at listening to hunger signals and not eating for the sake of it.

I have got lots of posts that I want to put up - some meals out, some recipes, perhaps even some cute feline pictures (yes, I am still besotted) so will get to it tomorrow.

And in the meantime, lots of love and leftover Creme Eggs to all. xxx


  1. I think thats the good thing about weightwatchers if you have a few days off plan you can get back on it and because it teaches you to eat better you dont eat nowhere near as badly as used to when you do go off track.

    1. I agree! A lot of the habits stick with you. Just hope the scales are kind when I hop on.. :-)