Monday, 14 April 2014

Pre Easter meal planning

It's my equivalent of the last week of term.  Next week I am off work and plan to do extremely little - there will be reading, there will be sleeping, maybe some walking if the sun decides to make an appearance, there will be LOTS of cuddles with my new cat and probably not all that much by way of counting points.  Hurrah.  Easter weekend looks set to be the perfect start to the holibobs - D and I will have the traditional Good Friday fish and chips (is this just a Catholic thing or do all families do it?) then on Saturday we are cooking dinner for a friend and on Sunday we are seeing my parents.  Good food, friends and family, sounds like the perfect bank holiday.  So meal planning just relates to the early part of the week.
Some really lovely, classic dishes this week which would be nice to blog at some point (makes mental note to add blogging to the holiday to do list).
Toad in the hole with onion and mushroom gravy, carrot and swede mash, creamed Cavolo Nero (bumped from last week)
Soup night
Spaghetti carbonara
More meal planning fun over at Mrs M's.


  1. Mm, it all sounds very tasty. I've never tried Kedgeree before although I've heard a lot about it..what does it have in it? x

    1. The version we're cooking is pretty basic - rice, smoked haddock and egg with curry flavours and herbs. Some versions have cream in and some are more elaborate with a separate spicy sauce. It's seriously delicious! Smoked fish and curry doesn't sound like it should go but it does!

  2. Everything sounds very tasty x

  3. Have a wonderful Easter break. x

  4. I love Toad in the hole and yours sounds lovely. Enjoy your time off.