Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sometimes there’s never a good time

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a dieter in search of a successful diet must commence said diet on a Monday. Preferably one that falls on the first of the month. And if there is a full moon at the same time, then so much the better.

So imagine my consternation when my friend texted me the other week to say that she was joining a WW meeting on a Wednesday evening and would I like to come along with her.

There were so many reasons to say no. For a start – Wednesday? That is soooo not the right day to start a diet. And the first meeting fell at the end of September – my new start was going to be October. And I was moving that week so meals would be up in the air. And, come to think of it, I had commitments throughout most weekends in October which would mean I’d never get a clear run at things and everyone knows you should always start when you’ve got a clear run so you can get some good losses under your belt before real life starts to kick in so perhaps I should hold off until November to get going.

Dear reader, I’m ashamed to say that all of these thoughts and more went through my head when I got that text.


I’m proud to say that I managed to push them all to one side and go along with her. And yes, this last week it has not always been easy to stay on plan. I’ve had some good days where I’ve managed to track accurately and some days where I haven’t, which has made me a little twitchy. I no doubt earned some activity points packing and humping around boxes which I have proceeded to consume in lovely, lovely post-move wine. And the thought of stepping on the scales tomorrow is making me a little bit nervous. But I reckon when the universe sends you a sign, even something as mundane as a new friend sending a text, you have to grab it and give it your best shot.


  1. Loving this post and the positivity! So does this mean you've only got two days until weigh in? No time at all to hang on in there! x

  2. Well done! I'd have definitely used excuses :)

    Good luck with weigh in x

  3. I'm drowning in my own excuses. Good Luck x

  4. That's brilliant - I started on a Thursday which felt all kinds of wrong but seems to have (mostly) worked out for me. Hope there is a positive when you get weighed in tomorrow. :)


  5. I started on a Tuesday and I got all the way to goal and beyond and now it's starting to go back on because I've hurt my back and can't do Zumba or much exercise. Well done you for going, I keep making excuses because I don't want to know how much I've put on but you've inspired me to go next Tuesday and actually do something about it.x