Thursday, 10 October 2013

Oh, frabjous day!

I toddled along to my weigh in last night past a large group of young women wearing police hats. Yes, it is apparently freshers' week here in Leeds. I have nothing against students apart from the obvious pangs of jealousy at their youth and good skin, but goodness they are very loud.

Anyway, to the scales. You may recall that this was a two week result - but also that my hopes were not overly high given my (relatively) packed social calendar. The gods of WW however were clearly in a benevolent mood and I clocked in a nine (yes, nine) pound loss. Get me!

D has promised me a bottle of fizz if I can shift another five this week but, to be honest, after a start like that - which I think is in part down to luck rather than judgement - I'll be happy with any slight downward movement. Onwards, comrades!


  1. calloo callay! congrats -- that's awesome!

  2. Jeeeeeeeez! Well done!


  3. Nine is amazing! Five this week too would be something quite incredible. I'm now five away from goal, having had a bit of a slip up around my birthday.

    Congrats though - hoping this week is a bit easier to navigate!

  4. Wowee!! I'm well impressed. You must be feeling it already. L xx

  5. Woweeeee - that's a bloody awesome result!! You must have put in some serious effort for those kind of numbers! Keep up the good work next week xx