Monday, 9 January 2012

Meal planning Monday - back for 2012!

Thank you for all those lovely New Year messages on my last post. I didn’t respond as unfortunately I was laid out on my sickbed having succumbed to a winter sickness lurgy. I have been looking very mournful for the last few days, I can tell you! Nothing makes me sadder than having to miss meals.

 I have rallied, you’ll be pleased to hear. Unfortunately, my system was obviously thrown into such a state of confusion that several days of close acquaintance with the bathroom floor followed by several more days of erratic eating have resulted in…a stay the same. I am sanguine. If I were my digestive system, I’d be confused too. And seeing as I didn’t gain any weight over the festive period this seems like a fair pay off to me. Still, one week into the New Year and I haven’t yet gained any weight – 2012 is not to be written off yet.

 This year I do want to stick to regular meal planning posts as much as possible, so feel free to come and beat me with a big virtual stick if you don’t see one during the first few days of the week.

 Then without further ado, what’s cooking chez moi this week?
Which should take us up to the weekend. My shopping / planning is slightly out of sync at the moment, so not sure yet what Saturday and Sunday will bring…(oh the excitement of living on the edge!)

 As always, check out Mrs M’s blog for more meal planning fun.


  1. Oh macaroni cheese........ah you have no idea how much I would love some of that right now! x

  2. Ohhhh, you're making me really miss carbs! Sweet potato cakes, macaroni cheese and risotto - slobber...


  3. Sorry girlies...I admire both of you tremendously - as my meal planning illustrates, I just couldn't give up the carbs!


  4. Macaroni cheese. Best comfort food EVER!!!!!! Has two of my favourite things.... carbs and cheese!!!!

  5. Thanks for joining in! You've got some lovely sounding things on here.