Monday, 23 January 2012

Meal planning Monday - 23rd January 2012

Really, there is very little meal planning going on this week. The reason? Once again, I’m abroad – by which I mean away from home rather than in an exotic location, teaching people how to be analysts. After two weeks which were successful in both a meal planning and a weight loss sense (more of that to follow in a later post) it is rather a blow to once again be in an environment where I have little control over what I eat. Poor D is left to keep the home fires burning with a fridge full of fresh soup, roast chicken leftover from yesterday’s fabulous Sunday dinner (if I do say so myself, I do a very good roast) and Christmas ham.

But there are still three dinners to be eaten at home.

  • Friday – I am hoping to be presented with a chicken and bacon salad with crispy leek fritters. However, D may well be out gallivanting, in which case this will get bumped (possibly to Sunday?) and I’ll have something gloriously simple like a poached egg on toast – which believe me, I’ll need after a week of institutionalised force feeding.

  • Saturday – I’m doing a belated Burns’ Night supper – haggis, neeps and tatties and a whisky cream sauce (probably made with half fat crème fraiche in an attempt to make it slightly more WW friendly).

  • Sunday – Not sure here: could be bumped salad, or we could end up with leftover haggis: I quite fancy it pan fried and piled into soft white rolls with spicy chutney.

As always, head over to Mrs M’s for more meal planning fun.


  1. Mmmm, that salad sounds delish! I love a decent salad - which some people find odd but this sounds scrummy.


  2. I love a decent salad too! People assume you're being virtuous when you say that, but not so!


  3. I'd like to say sounds delish, but I'm a haggis-hater! Like the sound of the salad though :p

    Thanks for joining in.

  4. Fancy sharing your leek frittas recipe? That sounds well yummy :)