Monday, 16 January 2012

Meal planning Monday - 16th Jan 2012

This has been a fairly easy week in terms of planning; we have two reappearances after successful debuts last week and one dish that ended up bumped. Continuing with a spring clearout theme, we’re trying to eat down the freezer so I can (joy of joys) defrost it; therefore I expect the next few weeks to be a little repetitious.

  • Reappearance no 1: Chunky pea and ham soup – a D creation, loosely based on a recipe in this month’s Good Food magazine and bursting with so many veggies that it yielded four instead of the expected two portions. We’ll have the other half tonight with some garlic bread bites.
  • Reapparance no 2: Sweet potato cakes per a Yotam Ottolenghi recipe – two large potatoes produced enough for 11 little cakes, so five went into the freezer and will be served again this week.
  • Bump: Lamb and green bean curry.
  • Pesto spaghetti with slow roasted cherry tomatoes and mozzarella pearls – I’m think in terms of the pasta version of a caprese salad.
  • Grilled mackerel with harrisa and coriander couscous - I believe that this first popped up on a pre Christmas menu plan and for one reason or another never got made; this will hopefully be the week that the poor old mackerel is finally liberated from the freezer
  • Haddock with a cheddar and basil crust with mustard mash – fish from the Waitrose Cook range, for an occasion next week when I’m feeling lazy. Or, rather, even more lazy than usual.
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  1. Oh yum. I really need to get into the hang of meal planning instead of floundering around every day trying to work out what the heck I can cook!

    I might follow your lead :) x

  2. Hooray for freezer roulette! xx

  3. Harissa is something I keep meaning to buy (and actually cook with) as there seem to be loads of interesting recipes using it. No idea what it tastes like tho altho assume I have eaten it out at some time!!

    Your planning is commendable and more interesting than my cooking has been of late. Consider me inspired/shamed into action!!

    Lesley x

  4. Thanks ladies - having to be extra vigilant about meal planning at the moment to try and establish some good habits for 2012. Oh, also to stop me eating leftover Christmas chocolates for dinner every night!

    Lesley - not sure what is in Harissa but it has a nice chilli kick to it and perked up the couscous wonderfully. Quite sour as well as hot, which appeals to my sour tooth.


  5. Love the sound of that fish dish, that sounds delicious!

    Thanks for joining in.