Saturday, 30 July 2016

TWTWTW: More of the same...with added bacon

I promise that as some point this blog will go back to being more than meal plans and the occasional bitch about how busy and crap everything is.  Promise.  I'm coming towards the end of a four year professional training course so, understandably, work is preying a lot on my mind at the moment.  The rewards at the end in terms of career progression (and money!) will be worth it, but I've become a bit of a one track record in the meantime.  I hate it, since I am not and never will be someone for whom their career is all consuming.  I mean, if writing about food was my career then perhaps things would be different but until someone pays me to sit at home in my pyjamas and blog (hopeful face), I am definitely a work to live type of person, whose level of ambition is simply being able to provide for a comfortable existence.  You can believe it when I say that no one is more bored by having to prioritise work and studying over everything else than me.

Except, possibly, Minx.

It's not all doom and gloom though!  On Monday, after a day stuck in a classroom with a load of similarly stressed out individuals, D decided that we needed to go and cheer ourselves up with some properly MESSY food.

Look at that, boys and girls!  Almost Famous caused a bit of controversy when it opened because it had some trying-to-be-cool-and-ironic-but-just-coming-across-as-misogynistic graffiti in their toilets but that is gone now and what is left are some seriously gooey burgers.  Yes, those are Doritos that you can see proudly poking their way out there.  And yes, that is a deep fried ball of mac and cheese pinioned to the top.  For all that there was a lot packed in to that burger, the bun stood up very well and the star of the show was undoubtedly the blushingly pink patty.

Oh, and we had to try the bacon bacon fries, for research purposes...

Yes, they're fries topped with bacon AND bacon mayonnaise.  Yes, it's ok to drool a little.

D, who has eaten a LOT of burgers in and around Leeds does NOT rate this one as highly as the offerings that can be found in Nation of Shopkeepers or Belgrave Music Hall.  And, if I'm really honest, some of the nicest burgers I've had recently have been ones we've cooked at home.  But still, sticky of finger and greasy of chin, it was a nice, albeit calorific, start to the week.

Right, now I'm off to stare at some computations and hope that D is the lucky UK winner of the £61 million Euro jackpot (he never checks his ticket until Monday morning so that we can dream for a little bit longer).  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friends, whatever you happen to be doing - unless you're revising for an exam too in which case - I share your pain.

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