Monday, 25 July 2016

Too hot to handle (blogging)

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am not finding the horrible damp, sticky heat that we are currently experiencing to be particularly conducive to anything. I'm a cold weather creature anyway, but I can understand the appeal of bright blue days and blazing sunshine, even if I'm not fully enthusiastic about it. Unremitting mugginess though...ugh. The cat and I spent quite a lot of the weekend lying around looking damp (me) and lethargic (both).

Another end of month meal plan - this seems to have come around v quickly, with July vanishing in a humid haze. It's not terribly exciting but it is a plan. D is out on Friday. If it's no cooler, I plan to drown myself in ice cream.

Tonight: Burmese chicken soup. I think it's Burmese anyway. If we bump a meal in any given week, soup night gets bumped first, so a pot can end up kicking around our fridge for a good while before we deign to eat the poor bugger.

Tuesday: "turkey" curry (from the freezer) with rice and flatbreads. It is "turkey" rather than turkey because it is D's Christmas turkey curry recipe but made with chicken.

Wednesday: mussel and leek "carbonara". Slightly experimental. May report back.

Thursday: cod with pea puree and creamy herb sauce. Had this last week, from a Nigel Slater recipe on the Guardian website. Loved it and required it again.

Saturday: oxtail and chorizo (from the freezer - no, I agree that it doesn't sound very summery) with fried potatoes.

Sunday: chicken, spatchcocked and cooked on the barbecue. Sides to be confirmed.

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  1. Spatchcocked barbecue chicken.....droooolz