Thursday, 9 October 2014

Weigh in Wednesday: 8th October 2014

Previously on WWF: -48.5lbs
This week: -1.5lbs
Total loss: 50lbs

Hurrah! I've reclaimed my 50lb milestone. This means that slowly, inexorably, I'm chugging towards Fresh Fat with just 4.5lbs to go before I hit a new low.

Clear week this week, so the definite possibility of a good result. My main challenge will be avoiding outlets that sell Cadbury Snowmen - have you tried these?? They are very sweet and very, very addictive. Damn them.


  1. Amazing -- congrats! And also: Damn you, because now I will be checking Myers of Keswick (English goods shop a few blocks from me) for these Snowmen. Here's hoping they melt before they get here...

  2. Fresh fat, hurrah!

    I am immune to the snowmen as I don't like Cadburys chocolate.....