Saturday, 1 March 2014

Take me to your leader

Weeks 1-20: -39.5lbs
Last week: -1lb

This week: -1.5lbs
Total loss: 42lbs

Ladies and gentlemen, we have hit the three stone mark (pauses to acknowledge the whooping from the peanut gallery).

Regular readers will know that I have long thrashed like a disconsolate salmon between meetings and at home weigh ins and so it will come as no surprise to them that, flushed with my current success, I am considering ditching the meetings altogether and having my "official" weigh in at home, supervised by my very own leader and weight loss guru, D.  He is designing a spreadsheet at we speak.

I wonder if I am kidding myself that I don't need the structure engendered by the weekly meeting and that without it, I will drift.  On the other hand, I don't get anything out of the meetings themselves and am currently paying £15 a month (the difference between full and online membership) for the privilege of getting weighed by a stranger in a church hall.

I think that I will give it a try for the next month but will not cancel my full membership during that time so that if things start to slow down for no good reason I will admit defeat and go back.  I have a couple of weekends away during March so I am not setting my sights too high but as long as the trend is still downwards I will be content.  I'd love to hit the big 5-0 by Easter - just need to avoid Malteser bunnies between now and then.

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