Monday, 10 March 2014

In which I weigh in at home

Weeks 1-22: -42lbs
This week: -3lbs
Total loss: 45lbs
Previously on the WW Foodie, our intrepid heroine wondered if she could continue on her weight loss journey without attending the weekly humiliation that is the WW meeting.  You're lucky, gentle readers, I was going to try and make that an extended Hobbit metaphor but it's been a heavy weekend and I just don't have the energy.
So, yes, I decided that for the month of March I would keep up my full membership but weigh in at home and see if I could maintain a decent rate of loss with my husband taking on the role of Leader, which title I think he quite enjoys.  As you'll see, the first week of this experiment went well with a splendiferous 3lb loss.  I am pleased.  D is pleased.
This week, if I can maintain I will be perfectly happy (see note above of heavy weekend) but, realistically, I may be looking at a bit of bounce back.  Leader is sanguine.  

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