Monday, 3 March 2014

MPM: 3rd March 2014

Weekends always seem so distressingly short.  Or is it just me?  I'm sure they lasted forever when I was a child but now...blink and it is Monday morning.
Actually, it's Sunday evening as I write this and a very dark and wet and miserable Sunday evening it is too.  We have had stew and dumplings for tea which was very weather appropriate.  As we move in to March I feel like we should be opting for lighter, more salad-ey options but who can fancy salad in the face of bitter winds and driving rain?
Anyway, in terms of meal planning it is a short week.  I'm away next weekend, heading to London to catch up with friends and watch irreverent musical theatre.  D has nobly volunteered to eat the mystery fish that we have lurking in the freezer in my absence.  For the nights where we are at home, I'm thinking...
Roast pork loin steaks, roast celeriac, braised red cabbage, tenderstem broccoli
Beef massaman curry
Not an awful lot of cooking required, as the cabbage and the curry are also being liberated from the freezer's icy depths.  But lots to look forward to nonetheless.
More meal planning fun over at Mrs M's.


  1. He he he....i end up with mysterious pieces of meat in the freezer....defrosting a VERY dark red bag of "something" as i type lol x

  2. Everything sounds delicious!!
    We have random unidentified things in the freezer too which no one will

  3. So glad it is not just us!!

  4. I'm also a member of UTIF ( unidentified things in freezer ). What I thought was spag bol could quite easily be a chilli con carne or maybe a shepherds pie!

  5. You reminded me I too have red cabbage in the icy lair, must remember to put it on the planner!!